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Policies and procedures

The Withington Contact Centre is a Member of the National Association of Child Contact Centres (NACCC) and operates in accordance with its National Standards for Child Contact Centres. The full listing and details of our working policies is given below.  Please note that there is also a complaints procedure which can be used if there are any problems.

  1. Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

  2. Confidentiality Policy

  3. Health and Safety Policy

  4. Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policy

  5. Domestic Abuse & Coercion Policy

  6. Volunteer Policy

  7. Insurance Policy

  8. Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Policy

  9. Complaints Policy and Procedure

  10. Recruitment, DBS and Rehabilitation
    of Offenders Policy

  11. Policy on Photos

  12. Policy on Substance Misuse

  13. Data Protection Policy

  14. Whistleblowing Policy

  15. Toys Policy

  16. Training Policy

  17. Information Security Policy

  18. Privacy Policy

  19. Security Incident Policy

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