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Policy on Photos and video conferencing

Withington Child Contact Centre allows photos to be taken. Video conferencing such as Zoom, Facetime, Teams, Skype, etc may not be used without prior written agreement from both parents..


Any photography must respect the privacy of the other families using the centre. At no time may a member of another family (adults or children) be in the frame.

For this reason, if a Parent wishes to take a photo we ask that

  1. The Parent first informs a volunteer that he/she wishes to take a photo

  2. The Parent takes the photo in such a way that

    1. No member of another family is in the frame

    2. It is obvious to the volunteer that no member of another family is in the frame

  3. The volunteer can assist with this if necessary

  4. Video photography is not allowed since it is unlikely that a video of a child moving about the contact hall will not include Parents or children from other families. Even a video of a child seated and playing still has the possibility of another Parent or child running into the background shot.

  5. Photos taken at the centre should not be placed on social media.

  6. This policy is reviewed annually and was last reviewed in March 2023.

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