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Withington Methodist Church owes its origin to the vision of two twelve-year-old girls, Hannah Hesketh and Hannah Langford, who in the 1790s heard the gospel in neighbouring Burnage and asked that a bible class be run for them in Withington. From this class held originally in farmhouse kitchens a worshipping community developed who, in 1832, erected a small chapel in old Moat and subsequently built the present building in 1865.

After a survey of the premises in 1992, the church members decided that rather than spend over £100,000 on repairs to the ageing building they would take the bold step of redeveloping the church. The redevelopment scheme involved the demolition of ancillary buildings at the rear of the church and the erection of a new floor within the main worship area, to create the space for exciting new projects.

Partners were found to share in the scheme: The South Manchester Universities Hospital Trust and ASSIST neighbourhood care group together offer a wide range of community services under one roof and the building enables church members to worship God in more contemporary surroundings and also practise a caring Christian ministry to the people of Withington.

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