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Whistleblowing Policy

  1. Volunteers are often the first to realise that there may be something seriously wrong within their setting. However, they may not express their growing concerns because they feel that speaking up would be disloyal to their colleagues.  Withington Child Contact Centre is committed to high standards of openness, probity and accountability. We encourage anyone (volunteers or families) with genuine concerns about any malpractice or wrongdoing on the part of contact centre volunteers, to come forward and raise those concerns.  This policy makes it clear this can be done without fear of reprisals or victimisation.

  2. The Complaints Procedure details the process for lodging complaints.  The Whistleblowing policy is intended to cover genuine concerns that fall outside the other policies, for example something that:

  3. Is against the policies and procedures of Withington Child Contact Centre

  4. Falls below standards of practice

  5. Amounts to improper conduct

  6. Is a Health and Safety risk

  7. Contributes to a safeguarding risk for families using the centre

  8. Withington Child Contact Centre will not tolerate harassment or victimisation and will take action to protect people who raise concerns in good faith.

  9. Withington Child Contact Centre will endeavour to protect the identity of whistleblowers, however it may not always be possible as an investigation process may reveal the source of the information and statements from whistleblowers may be required as evidence.

  10. People are strongly encouraged to put their names to any allegations. Anonymous allegations are less powerful, but will nonetheless be considered and any action taken at the discretion of the Centre Co-ordinator.

  11. Allegations made in good faith, but which are unconfirmed by an investigation, will result in no action being taken against anyone.

  12. Any concerns should be raised in writing directly with the Centre Co-ordinator.  If the concern relates to the centre coordinator, then it should be raised in writing with the Church Council of the Withington Methods Church, or the NACCC Safeguarding Manager if it is a safeguarding concern.  The written concern should be specific: give names, dates and places where possible.  

  13. Upon receiving the written concern, Withington Child Contact Centre (or Withington Methodist Church) will take appropriate action.  Depending on the nature of the concern, this may be an internal investigation, or the matter may be referred to the police.

  14. This policy is reviewed annually and was last reviewed in March 2024.

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