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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy explains:

  • What information we collect and how we collect it

  • Why and how we use your information.

  • How long we keep your information

  • How we may share your information

  • Your rights on the information we hold about you

The Data Controller is the Centre Coordinator.  In order to run our centre safely we collect and process Personal Data from the users of our Contact Centre.   We may collect the following information:

  • Personal information (for example, your name, email address, home address, phone numbers, date of birth)

  • Sensitive Personal Data

  • Attendance information (such a attended, number of absences and absence reasons)

  • Safeguarding incidents

We collect your information from ​

  • Self Referral Forms

  • Referrals from organisations e.g. Cafcass, Family Solicitors

  • Pre visit checklist

We may also collect information from telephone conversations, emails and written and verbal communications and from records of the Contact Centre sessions.

Your Personal Data may be used in the following ways:

  • To do risk assessments

  • To ensure the safe and smooth running of the centre

  • To respond to your requests and inquiries

  • To request your participation in initiatives (e.g. surveys) aimed at improving our centre

  • To comply with applicable law(s) (for example, to comply with a search warrant or court order)

Personal data (e.g. attendance records, previsit forms, etc) are securely destroyed after 3 years.  If a safeguarding or child protection issue was recorded, that information may be held longer as required by the law.  Accident books are held indefinitely.

We may disclose your Personal Data to third parties from time to time under the following circumstances:

  • You request or authorise the disclosure of your personal details to a third party.

  • The information is disclosed as permitted by applicable law(s) and/or in order to comply with applicable law(s) (for example, to log safeguarding issues with Child Protection services)

As a user, you are subject to the following rights:

  • The right to be informed of the use of your Personal Data

  • The right to access and/or to require the correction or erasure of your Personal Data.  If this request clashes with legal obligations on our part (e.g. a request to destroy safeguarding records) we cannot execute it.  If we destroy your records you will no longer be able to use the contact centre.

  • The right to block and/or object to the processing of your Personal Data, except in the case of safeguarding or child protection issues where the centre has an obligation to inform the local authority

  • The right to not be subject to any decision based solely on automated processing of your Personal Data

  • In limited circumstances, you may have the right to receive Personal Data in a format which may be transmitted to another entity.

  • If you have a complaint in relation to the processing of your data carried out under this Privacy Policy, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner Office.

You may seek to exercise any of these rights by sending a written request to the Centre Coordinator.


This policy is reviewed annually and was last reviewed in March 2024.

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